What is the runtime of the unabridged audio books, all seven books combined of Harry Potter?

You can find  files Harry Potter audio book in many places and is very easy to do. WI have heard all the statistics teeth of this book will take some time as follows:

  1. Philosopher’s Stone: 8 hours 17 min
  2. Chamber of Secrets: 9 hours
  3. Prisoner of Azkaban: 12 hours
  4. Goblet of Fire: 20 hours 30 min (Dale set a world record when he used 125 different voices in this reading)
  5. Order of the Phoenix: 27 hours (another world record for 134 voices)
  6. Half-Blood Prince: 19 hours
  7. Deathly Hallows: 21 hours

Total: 117 hours 14 min (approx)

harry potter

Let  it be said that I personally read the first four books out loud  multiple times.  I don’t remember about OotP, but probably I read that as well.  I’m sure I read the PoA at least three times, as my daughter was quite in love with the idea of Harry having a parent-friend like Sirius Black.