Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a million dollars toto4d? Or even $500 million for that issue? When lottery jackpots provide such enormous prizes, we find ourselves in a ticket buying frenzy in attempt to become instant millionaires.

We rush to the nearest retail outlet to purchase tickets for the Powerball or to purchase tickets for the Mega Millions, anything we can do to make guarantee our joining in the next draw. We start fantasizing, prematurely, what we will do with our winnings. Get a new house, travel the world, help our children – all of this is within reach if we just manage to win the lottery jackpot.

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The rhythm of these lottery dreams has frequently been reflected in music. After all, song composers and recording artists are lottery lovers just like the rest of us. In their works, some musicians express their desire to escape the difficulties of living a simple life whilst others contemplate how to handle the luxuries of a lifestyle depended on wealth. For many artists, however, winning the lottery does not necessarily mention to money at all, but rather to success in finding a suitable life partner in the named ‘lottery of love’.

Let’s forget keputusan4d for a while. No matter what their lyrics really mean, song composers offer us with a soundtrack to accompany our fantasies of winning the games. Should we be humming when we buy our tickets? Will we ever win a record jackpot (pun intended)? On that note, take a look at the top seven lottery-related songs in expectation that they foretell a day when our dreams will come true.


This song from Nilsson’s ‘Son of Schmilsson’ song deals with the big-time dreams of small-time everyday men. The melody is simple and the lyrics somewhat  sweet as they recommend you have to be lucky to be happy.

  1. “FREE MONEY” by PATTI SMITH (1975)

In Patti Smith’s debut studio songs “Horses” (1975), regarded by critics to be one of the greatest and most influential works in the history of the punk rock tendency, the song “Free Money” was inspired by the singer’s childhood. ‘It’s actually a song for my mom,” Smith told The Guardian in 2005. ‘She always dreamed about winning the lottery. However, she never purchased a lottery ticket! She would just imagine if she won, make ranks of things she would do with the money – a house by the sea for us children, then all kinds of charitable things.’

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In their track “Key Lime Pie”, American alternative rock band Camper Van Beethoven’s lead singer David Lowery states what he would do if he won the lottery prizes, and some of it is quite charitable.

  1. “I WANNA BE RICH” by CALLOWAY (1989)

Calloway, an R&B generated from Cincinnati, had short-term expectation with this expression of their desire to get rich, not only to beat back the bill composer but also “for the love, peace, and happiness” that wealth implies. One of the hopes to make their dream come true, Calloway sing, is to play the lottery.


“Times are tough and time is borrowed” in this track by the American national music singer-songwriter. One way of escaping the simple life, she sings, is by playing the lottery and of course, praying to Jesus that you will win every time she check the toto 4d results.


In the lottery gaming system, players always generate their own strategies. These must be different from others’ one so that these players can become the next winners of lottery. In some cases, players will base on the magnum 4d past result to assess and forecast the next numbers which will be drawn in the next lottery drawings. We are sure that you will wonder by what way they can assess the numbers appearing in the past. In fact, they search for the results in the lottery sites. And then they find out which numbers appear more than two times in the last lottery draws. As usual, probability of all numbers in the lottery drawing system is not different. Therefore, numbers which appeared recently will not occur again for the next drawings. Do, players can ignore these numbers in a short period of time.

One more technique for players so as to estimate the toto 4d lucky number exactly

Have you heard about the super liga team? We think you should know about this. In fact, anyone who is fall in love with sport betting will know deeply about the super liga team. There is one potential way for you to make sports betting well. According to some experienced gamers in the lottery world, they will choose teams they feel lucky to make gamble on.

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For many years, it is considerably challenging for newbies to forcast exactly the toto4d lucky number. And you do know which team in the super liga to choose for gambling. But do not worry at all. We will be always by your side. Now, we are focus on the toto 4d. In fact, Malaysia is always regarded as one of the most attractive center of betting in the world. So, why don’t you choose Malaysia among the super liga team to make gambles. We think that Malaysia team will bring a good fortune in the near future.

How to make gamble for the Malaysia teams but others teams instead

After you choose the Malaysia team to make gambles for the next lottery draws, there is one more thing you need to do. It is that you have to choose the lucky number. You can check the recent goals of Malaysia. And then you will choose any number that brings confidence to you. And now the only thing you need to do is to wait for the 4d result Malaysia today live. At the first time in the toto 4d, you are likely to feel more challenging. You recognize that your losses are much greater than your win. However, you will be better after many times of playing in the lottery. Let’s try the techniques we recommend. If you don’t succeed in this time, you can try it more. We make sure the lottery winning prizes for you. Losing a lot in the past will help you to have meaningful lesson for the future. Good luck, guy!